Wii Linux

It's Linux on the Wii, but it's actually modern, and (soon) works well!

What works and works well:
- Booting to a command line
- Running various command line apps
- Wi-Fi
- USB Storage
- SD Cards
- Terminal graphics output in either 480i/480p
- Booting from MINI
- USB Gecko (serial console in GameCube memory card ports)
- KGDB - Linux kernel deugger, works over USB Gecko
- USB Keyboards
- Using a portion of MEM2 to boost the total usable memory count from 24MB to 74MB
- Swapping to any USB/SD disk to increase the total ""memory"" count to theoretically any number
- Any USB 2.0, 1.1, or 1.0 device
- Bluetooth using bluez

What works if you ignore the obvious problems:
- Anything that writes to /dev/fb0 [see why]
- Xorg (graphical output) [it writes to /dev/fb0]
- USB Mice [only useful for Xorg]
- Theoretically any Xorg app if you can put up with the colors
- any USB 3.0 device [see why]
- USB (3.0 only??) Hubs 

What doesn't work at all:
- Booting from HBC (Homebrew Channel) under Starlet IOS
- Anything that depends on Starlet, such as the disk drive
- Anything that uses Java (memory issues, refuses to swap)

What's not known yet:
- Do all USB Hubs break, or is it just USB 3.0 based hubs?
    - Feel free to shoot us a message in our Discord server if you can test it!

- Official Discord Server
- Install Guide (TBD, ask Techflash until it's done!)
- Wii Linux developers blog  See progress updates and generally what's going on here.
- Latest build's rootfs (.tar.xz, extract to the root of your USB device's ext4 partition) here.
- Latest build's SD Card files (.tar.gz, extract to the root of your SD Card) here.

Specialized (already included in the above)
- Latest build's kernel modules (.tar.gz, need these for Wi-Fi primarily, extract to USB root) here.
- Wi-Fi Firmware (.tar.gz.  extract to the root of your USB disk) here.  See the LICENSE

- "Techflash" (Michael)
    - Lead project organizer
    - Tester
    - Gives Support
    - Some kernel development
    - Does most of the compiling
    - Built essentially all of this website so far
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- "TheOtherOne" / "ThatsItForTheOtherOne"
    - Main kernel developer
    - Hosts build tools
    - Got kernel 4.x working in the first place
    - Very knowledgable about the inner workings of the Wii
         GitHub Icon
- "Foxlet"
    - Main Void Linux handler
    - Expert at all things userspace
    - Runs the Void Linux PPC project, which is used by us, and we actively help with
    - Showed us how we can get more than an old Gentoo tarball from 2010 working
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